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Programme 2012

The Light Bulb Conspiracy

Cosima Dannoritzer

2010 / France, Spain / 75’

Sat 23 June / 18:45 / Lightbox


Does the ever-lasting light bulb really exist? How can a computer chip kill a product? Using rare archive footage and hitherto unseen internal company documents, this award-winning film traces the untold story of “planned obsolescence”, from its invention in the 1920s -when a world-wide cartel agreed to limit the life span of incandescent light bulbs- all the way to present day stories of electronics with inbuilt “death dates” and growing consumer resistance. The film asks: What are the alternatives if the modern economy and the planet are to survive?


Followed by a 45-minute workshop with Social Innovation Camp aimed at examining and articulating the issues encountered in the documentary and to come up with creative & new ways to tackle these issues. 


£7/£5 concessions