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Barbaric Genius

Paul Duane

2011 / Ireland, UK / 72’

Fri 22 June / 17:45

Darwin Theatre




Email to find out about getting a free ticket if you live in Camden.


A riveting exploration of the life and work of writer John Healy, who shot to fame in the late 80’s thanks to his sensational autobiography The Grass Arena. The fim follows the story of one remarkable man’s journey from street mugger and wino to chess champion and award-winning author, and how a single phone call brought him crashing down again, into poverty and oblivion. The story of Barbaric Genius encompasses almost every aspect of the human spirit from violent intoxication to transcendent spirituality, as well as a social x-ray of British society from the gutter to the House of Lords.


Followed by discussion with John Healy and Paul Duane, the director and Stewart Home (writer/journalist). Chaired by Owen Jones


Tickets £5