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Programme 2012

Emerging Artists Showcase

Slade School of Fine Art

Fri 22 June / 15:45 / Lightbox


This programme presents the work of nine students from the Slade School of Fine Art. There is a long history of film and video making at the Slade. Each year, a number of students produce work relating to documentary film, many of them exploring the genre through different modes of storytelling rather than presenting objective accounts. The selection of films for Emerging Artists Showcase continues this approach and addresses documentary in relation to identity, biography and autobiography and different modes of fiction such as sci-fi. As well as this, some of the films reflect upon, either directly or indirectly, current political and cultural events and situations in London and elsewhere.


Earth Burn at the Merz Barn / Will Saunders / 24'

A document of the making of charcoal at a summer school organised by Slade students following the occupation of the art school. In 2011, the students left the city to explore different ways of living and making art collectively.


Hot Water System / Ren Garden / 0.30”

A make-shift hot water system through CGI technology


Walk to Occupy / Jenna Bliss / 3'

A world-weary monologue leads us through the East End of London to St. Paul’s Cathedral


Appetizer/Paralyzer / Simon Werner / 8'

Again leading us through the city, this time at night, as a demonic voice muses on the forces at work in the capital city


Buying Eggs in Korea, Fucking Chinese, Apple Jam, Pork/Fork  / four short videos / Sehauan Roh / 2'11"

A view of London and Britain from the perspective of an outsider and through the filter of a bitter humour


New Empire / Sasha Litvinisteva / 23'40"

Another country and another city -  the film is an allegorical tale about Russia that narrates the collapse of one empire and the rise of another; a fable that captures the memories of a generation who saw the disappearance of communism.


Faint / Marianna Simnett / 4'

A reflection upon personal and cultural memory 


ABC Song / Tulapop Saenjaron / 1'20"

An exploration of history through appropriation


Team Roedale / Robert Crosse / 4'
A group of men meet to go slot car racing.


Stunt / Lucy Beech / 8'30"

Stunt (2011) toys with dramatic reconstruction common to mainstream television and notions of performed authenticity and its relationship to filmic empathy. The pseudo-documentary attempts to present the emotional life of the stunt man as a kind of meta-theatre 


The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers, chaired by David Burrows.



With thanks to Slade School of Fine Art and FIGS for supporting the Artists’ Docs: Experiments in Time programme.


Tickets £5





Image: Faint / Marianna Simnett